6 Best WordPress Themes for Adult Websites

6 Best WordPress Themes for Adult Websites

WordPress is among the best things you will come across as a website builder. It is fully versatile and allows you to create any website. Similar to specifically made themes, quite a few do not work well on other website applications. You should pick a theme depending on structure and ideology, ensuring that you have the best WordPress adult theme for your application. However, what are some of the best WordPress themes for adult websites?

With specific specifications and content display, adult websites need specific adult video display templates to suit the intended need. With plenty of WordPress adult templates available online, finding one that is best for you is a simple process. The adult website niche is always thriving, and finding the best porn WordPress themes for your website is imperative. With high and tough display competition, having the best WP adult theme on your website is good for your business.

What to Look for When Choosing the Top WordPress Adult Themes

WordPress allows users to choose any theme, and as an adult website designer, you should consider how the theme will supplement your content or document library. Finding the best blend of color, layout, and flashy designs may prove to be a difficult job for you, but worry less, as below is a list of top WordPress porn themes that you can use for your adult website.

1. EasyTube WordPress Theme

WordPress adult theme Easytube

Taking only 2 seconds to complete setup, EasyTube is among the fastest adult theme in the market. Apart from speed, it ranks among the best as it allows additional work pages from social media, allowing users to give their opinions on liking and disliking the content. This allows for engagement, which is a priority in adult websites. In addition, this theme allows for sorting depending on affiliates, i.e., it can easily categorize the videos and porn stars.

Applicability and versatility are also quite important in these types of websites, as used in desktop computers and mobile phones increase the chances of usability by the user. The EasyTube WordPress theme is highly responsive and allows use on mobile and desktop, considering the air pricing. To add icing to the sugar, EasyTube is globally appreciated and acceptable, thus eliminating doubts about its use.

2. Rich Flicks Theme

Rich Flicks WP Theme for embeds and self-hosted porn videos

From the name, the Rich Flicks Theme stands out for its retro dark interface vibe with sparks of popping pink. It is highly rated by users and considered among the best adult themes. It is highly considered the best once the initial purchase is made; there are no follow-up charges for its use. Updates on the theme are free for the user. With a high need for compatibility, Rich Flicks WP Theme is compatible with HTML5 video players and a photo gallery.

Additionally, it has built-in templates that can be effectively used on mobile phones. This unique theme permits users to upload videos and funds after necessary submissions. Though it has a clattered design, it displays many configuration options and modern features that perfectly serve adult needs.

3. Play Theme by Tube Ace

Play Theme by TubeAce

Free as air, Play theme is a fully customizable adult WordPress theme that suits most adult websites. Good for starting affiliate sites, play theme offers more features than any other premium theme out there. Built on Bootstrap, a world-class CSS framework that efficiently scales websites and applications with a single code base, allowing for use on desktop and mobile phones. This eliminates the redirecting of users to compatible phone sites.

 It is rated among the best adult theme out there, as it has a convenient work frame that divides every element into panels: layout, reviews, post pages, navigation, background images, header, and sidebars, allowing for an easier user interface. Play theme allows you to display any ad type on the site. Moreover, it allows viewers to rate the video and any participant in the video.

4. KingTube WordPress Theme

KingTube WordPress porn theme

Developed by WP–script, the KingTube theme is programmed to deliver the best adult hosting service to any user. With over 4000 active members, the KingTube theme gives users access to free players for any self-hosted videos and gallery. The high user numbers allow for the monetization of your website, thus creating an eCommerce website for you. The KingTube theme is superbly responsive and can effectively work on any device, from a phone to a tablet.

Fortified with elegance and luxury style, the KingTube theme stands out among the best-refined adult WordPress themes. With highly customizable features, it allows you to choose the perfect color for you and customize it to the best taste. Highly focused on content delivery, it does not have pop-up ads and banners; hence, it is highly recommended for use.


  • Bulk import videos from third party porn tubes.
  • Compatible with WordPress MP4 Video Player plugin by WP–script
  • Search & filter adult photos and videos in your media galleries.

5. ZingTube WordPress Theme

XWPThemes ZingTube for WordPress

Commonly known for its super-fast loading and relay speeds, the Zingtube theme is a great performance WordPress theme for your adult website. With premium features such as the play icon and Bootstrap technology, the Zingtube theme ranks among the best WordPress themes available for adult websites. Compatible with mobile phones and desktops, it gains various applications.

Priced at $79.99, it comes with an essential plugin that enables you to populate the site with several videos that will cost you if purchased separately. Worldwide acceptability is also a contributing factor to its success. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward even for newbies. Though reluctant on the updates, it is among the best adult WordPress themes for you.

6. UltimaTube WordPress Theme

UltimaTube WordPress theme for porn websites

Are you looking for a way to transform your adult site into an amateur content community? Worry no more, as the UltimaTube WordPress theme is here to help you with that. This WordPress theme uses clean, light, and easy setup steps providing a user-friendly and simple website configuration for your website. Highly responsive and compatible with all WordPress plugins, it is among the best adult themes for your website.

By allowing the user to video preview before watching, the UltimaTube WordPress theme provides a simple direct use attracting more traffic to your site. Moreover, it allows users to upload their content on the site freely. It can be easily identified as a professional theme with many modern options. Though high-tech designed, it is still not modified for a night mode.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a perfect WordPress theme for your adult website is necessary for any website designing process. Selection of the best WordPress adult theme is crucial to the success of the adult business; thus, choose the best theme for you carefully. After setting up, customizing, and attracting the intended traffic, you should open your mind to the monetization process.

In the various themes discussed above, select one to promote your vision for your adult website. Please select the best and adjust it to suit your demands. Remember to pay attention to prices and exclusive features that will ensure the effective functioning of your website.

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