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With Bookster, we're not just selling a plugin; we're offering a seamless appointment scheduling experience that'll make your clients crow with delight.

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Meet the scheduling guru that everyone wants to emulate.

Meet Bookster. A new revolution in WordPress industry.

We're a team of web development ninjas, passionate about creating user-friendly WordPress plugins that help you operate your business with confidence.


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Create a smooth WordPress appointment booking system with Bookster.

Bookster and the support team ensure appointments are organized, reminders are sent, and your clients are satisfied.

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Our Web Development Expertise

Our team has 10 years of experience crafting WordPress plugins that are not only functional but also user-friendly and secure.

We're committed to providing:
Top-notch technology: Bookster is built on the latest WordPress standards, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
Seamless integration: Our plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website, without disrupting your existing setup.
Regular updates: We're constantly updating Bookster with new features and security patches, keeping it at the forefront of appointment booking technology.