WP Amelia Review: How Good Is This Plugin for Appointment Bookings

Are you looking for the WP Amelia Review? If you are, keep reading this article. Here, we will show you everything you need about the plugin.

Do you need to start an appointment booking website but don’t know which tool to use? If you use WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System), several free, premium and freemium WordPress appointment booking plugins are available.

But which one should you choose?

As a beginner, choosing a tool for your website would be challenging. But don’t worry. In this article, we will introduce a plugin, WP Amelia, which can easily handle customer appointments.

Here, we will show you the company WP Amelia review with its features, pricing, how well their support is, and so on.

First, let’s see what WP Amelia has to offer.

WP Amelia: An Introduction

WP Amelia

There are multiple options if you need to start an appointment booking website. In our experience, WP Amelia is one of the best tools. The plugin has many cutting-edge features to create a stunning appointment booking website.

Since the tool also has a set of payment gateway integrations. This way, the customers can pay you directly via the website, and you will get every fund in your PayPal or Stripe account. Besides the features we mentioned above, WP Amelia offers seamless integration with WooCommerce.

This way, WP Amelia would be a great fit if you use WooCommerce for your website and need a reliable system to manage the appointments. You will learn more about the plugin as we go down to this review.

WP Amelia Review and Features

The main features of WP Amelia are:

  • Automated notifications
  • Google calendar integration
  • Recurring appointments
  • Payment gateway integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Deposit payments
  • Detailed analytics
  • Custom web hooks
  • Design Customization

And so on.

Below, we will explain the features in detail and how these will be helpful to run the perfect appointment booking website.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Automated Notifications and Reminders

You can choose how you need to let people know about the appointments. Under the WP Amelia settings, you can see the notification settings.

amelia notifications

You can use multiple mail services like:

  • PHP Mail
  • SMTP
  • WP Mail
  • Mailgun

And so on.

Setting up an SMTP provider would be a good idea. This way, you can ensure the emails will be delivered without issues. You can also choose the sender name and email in the settings.

From the Notification settings, you can also customize the email content.

email template

When these settings are saved, the name, email, and content will be used for all the notification emails sent from the website.

2. Syncs with Google Calendar

Syncing the plugin with Google Calendar is a good idea. This way, you can create events in your Google Calendar account automatically.

google calendar integration

The integration process is too simple. You need the client ID and client secret to complete the integration. Once you have pasted those credentials, you can start configuring the option. You can customize the

  • Event Title
  • Description
  • Add pending appointments
  • Enable Google Meet
  • Send event invitation email

And so on.

You can customize the calendar integration as you like.

3. Recurring Appointments

Setting up a recurring appointment option would come in handy. For example, recurring appointments would be great if you run a beauty shop and people need to get a service every week or month.

In this case, Amelia can help you with that. Once you have configured it, your customers can book recurring appointments. This way, they do not need to book whenever they need your service.

4. Payment Gateway Integrations

Give the customer multiple ways to complete the payment. You won’t know which payment gateway your customer prefers. With that in mind, WP Amelia supports numerous payment gateways.

payment gateway integrations

The most popular payment gateways offered by WP Amelia are:

  • Mollie
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Razorpay

Integrating the payment gateways is also simple. You do not need to use any coding or edit any files. You can paste the API keys in the settings, and you’re done.

The funds will be transferred to the linked account when someone pays you.

5. WooCommerce Integration

This is possible if you use WooCommerce and need to integrate WP Amelia.

WooCommerce optimization - WP Amelia review

You can also add custom rules to the plugin. Customizing is easy, and you will get used to it quickly.

6. Deposit Payments

Instead of making a payment every time someone makes a booking, you can add an option to add funds to the customer’s account. They can add funds to their account to pay for services.

The main advantage of this feature is that customers don’t need to use their credit card or PayPal account every time.

7. Detailed Analytics

WP Amelia comes with a built-in analytics feature. From there, you can check how many appointments you have in the queue, which services are the top requests, which agents the customers prefer, and so on.

The filtering system will also help you get data from a specific date range.

8. Custom Web Hooks

If you need to enhance the plugin’s features, you can use custom web hooks and transfer data between third-party apps or services. With a platform like Zapier, you can complete this task.

9. Customizable Design

All the form designs can be customized further. If you check the Amelia settings, you can see several pre-made templates created by the development team.

pre-made form

You can select any of those options and customize them. If you open the editor, you will see additional settings.

form editor

All the fields are customizable, and you can tweak them without issues. You can customize individual forms from the settings if you have a multistep form.

Ensure the form’s design matches the website’s colors.

Support and Updates

You can go to the support forum if you need help with the lite version plugin.

Amelia support forum - WP Amelia review

All you need to do is open up a new thread and explain your issue. One of their team members will get back to you with a solution. On the other hand, if you have the premium version plugin, you will get priority support.

You can go to their documentation section if you prefer written tutorials.

amelia docs

They have categorized the docs archive as follows:

  • My account
  • Getting started
  • Configuring Amelia
  • Integrations
  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Admin views
  • Developer guides

And so on.

If you need more help, you can contact the customer support team. They will help you personally to solve the issue. All you need to do is raise a support ticket.

Plus, when they release updates for the plugin, you can do it directly via the WordPress dashboard. If you use the premium version plugin, you must verify the license key to get automated updates.

Plans and Pricing

WP Amelia is a freemium plugin. The tool’s free version can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin’s repository. The Lite version plugin comes with limited features.

WP Amelia lite - WP Amelia review

To unlock the full potential, you should get the premium version. The plugin has yearly and lifetime subscription options. Their yearly subscription plans will cost you the following:

  • Basic – $64 – single domain license
  • Pro – $140 – five domain licenses
  • Developer – $240 – unlimited domain licenses
Amelia yearly plan

The lifetime subscriptions will cost you the following:

  • Basic – $198 – single domain license
  • Pro – $330 – five domain licenses
  • Developer – $449 – unlimited domain licenses
Amelia lifetime plans - WP Amelia review

You can get a plan according to your requirements. If you think the plugin is unsuitable, you can get a complete refund within the first 15 days after purchase.

Get Started with WP Amelia

You can get started with WP Amelia from below.


WP Amelia will be an ideal choice if you are looking for a powerful WordPress appointment booking plugin for your website. As you saw in this WP Amelia review, the plugin has excellent features for setting up a stunning WordPress appointment booking website.

The plugin’s support team is also great and will help you with every issue. We highly recommend checking WP Amelia out. If you don’t like the tool, you can get a complete refund from the admin team.

Are you going to use WP Amelia for bookings?

Let us know in the comments.

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